A slice of Swedish Hospitality

Supper with a Swede
Supper with a Swede

Get an exclusive glimpse of Malmö with ”A Slice of Swedish Hospitality”. An experience out of the ordinary by getting to know the locals.

We offer quality time with a Swedish family and a glimpse of Swedish culture while participating in their daily life.



”A Slice of Swedish Hospitality” gives you the chance to meet the Swedes behind the scenes during your vacation. The locals will share their homes and piece of advice on how to fully enjoy traditional sights, shopping, food and hidden treasures in the genuine Malmö. This is a unique possibility to experience the real Swedish friendly atmosphere and hopefully you will remember Sweden and Malmö forever in your hearts.



All tourists are welcome to participate: singles, families or friends. There is a maximum of five people per group on each occasion.

”A Slice of Swedish Hospitality” offers a range of host households, such as singles, couples and families with children. All with great interest in cooking as well as in people and other cultures. The household consists of people in all ages and are located in different areas of the city.

While visiting a host family you will be served a supper of two courses, containing a main course with either a first course or a dessert. The meal includes the beverage generally served in the house which may vary between water, milk, soft drink etc. Coffee or tea after supper. Each family is free to organize the evening to fit their daily life routine and they will serve food that they generally cook- how exiting to taste something new!

There might be time for a stroll in the area or some party games.

The conversation during the evening will be in English and you might even learn a word or two in the local dialect of Malmö, called ”malmöitiska”.

Since we love Malmö and its goals towards a sustainable city the host families are accessible via public transportation and the meals are most often composed with the local and organic ingredients of the season.



Your email address, since you will receive a form by e- mail after booking. Please fill in the form so that we can consider allergies and what you would like to know about us locals, Malmö and Skåne. When we have received the form we will send you information about your host family and how to get there.



The time frame is from 18.30 to around 21.30.

550 SEK Adult and 250 SEK Child (5-12), a 25% VAT is included in the price as well as brewages.

Hope to see you in the beautiful City of Malmö!




odla dina drömmar